mary-watkins-portrait-2011-mexico Welcome to my library of written work. I am happy to share my published and unpublished work with you. Feel free to jump to an area that interests you, search through keywords relevant to your interests, or take your time and wander historically or thematically. I have created short introductions to each set of articles to highlight the paths of my work, adding some autobiographical remarks. I have aimed to give you a brief sense of my positionality and context at the time, so you can appreciate and evaluate the effects of these on my writings. I have also added some caveats about particular pieces, seeing their limitations more clearly than I did at the time of writing them. In several cases, when an essay has been key to several categories, I have listed it more than once. Those that are hyperlinked are available at this time, and I plan to add others.

Here I imagine my work as having a number of branches, growing from a trunk of interrelated concerns and advocacies, rooted in the soil of my personal and ancestral experience, historical-social-economic-political contexts, and sense of the sacred. Critique and creative imagination interact in my work, the former opening a space and a deep desire and need for the latter. What may seem like discrete interests—i.e., active imagination in Jungian and Archetypal Psychologies and liberation psychology—share a common core of deep appreciation for creative imagination and dialogue and their generative embodiments that flower in our lives and communities.


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